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Introduction to Precast Concrete Structures Book

The book reflects the current situation in precast concrete construction. Besides general observations regarding building with precast concrete elements, the book focuses first and foremost on the boundary conditions for the design of precast concrete structures, load bearing elements and facades.

Connections and specific structural and constructional issues are covered in detail and stability of precast concrete structures is another central theme. The requirements brought about by the emergence of the European Single Market are explained and the diverse possibilities for facade design are presented.

This book contains 4 chapters. below you can see table of contents :

A chapter on the production processes provides the reader with an indispensable insight into the characteristics of this form of industrialized building. The book is a practical tool for engineers, but certainly also architects and students. One of the authors' intentions is to demonstrate to engineers and architects the possibilities that factory prefabrication can offer, and hence pave the way towards the economic application and ongoing development of precast concrete construction.


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